Aldez Secures Investment to Fuel Growth

Date: May 7, 2018


Rengo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka; Chairman, President & CEO: Kiyoshi Otsubo) announces that its consolidated subsidiary Tri-Wall Limited (Head Office: Hong Kong; Chairman: Yuji Suzuki) has acquired an interest in Aldez Containers, LLC through Tri-Wall’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

“It’s with great pleasure we partner with Rengo Co, Subsidiary Tri-Wall to expand the services we provide,” explains Diane Copek, “It has always been our mission to provide exceptional service and by partnering with Tri-Wall we are now part of a global enterprise. Our customers will continue to receive award-winning service, while benefiting from the economies of scale that come with a global footprint.”

Aldez Containers is a manufacturer of heavy duty packaging materials in the United States with its head office in the state of Michigan. Besides its head office, Aldez Containers has plants in the states of Texas, Ohio, and Kentucky within the United States. It manufactures and sells packaging materials—such as heavy duty corrugated packaging—mainly to manufacturers of automobile components.

Rengo carries out its packaging materials business related to heavy duty corrugated packaging mainly in Asia and Europe through the Tri-Wall Group. With the manufacturing sector, including the automobile industry, expected to return to the United States, Tri-Wall, LTD and Aldez are focused on full-scale business throughout North America.

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Press contact: Maribeth Ross