Our unique packaging systems convey product from origin to final delivery in the most cost effective manner possible. Whether it is corrugated, crates and pallets, or foam dunnage, our methodologies have been refined over decades of proven processes to provide savings in labor, space, reduced damage and line-side efficiencies.


Typical packaging engagements include:

  • Automotive Packaging from small precision components to large sheet metal and sub-assemblies
  • Parts Packaging from components in poly bags to stamped sheet metal, any size, any shape, an quantity
  • Custom Corrugated Packaging designed to provide ultimate protection to the product contained
  • Custom Dunnage for expendable or returnable packaging that target critical areas of part protection

Export Packaging global packing, shipping, receiving and quality control inspection

Packaging Design & Engineering

Our Packaging Engineers provide innovative solutions for custom applications.  We have extensive experience designing packaging for products and components of all sizes. Our customized machinery can manufacture any box from the size of a baseball to the size of an entire truck.

Production Build-Ahead Program Packaging

Planned or non-scheduled packaging needs for build ahead or containment can be quickly provided by replicating existing returnable totes, specialized partitions or steel racks in an expendable format, allowing for storage and easy return into production line sequence and orientation.

Pack, Ship & Export Services

Aldez offers custom and just-in-time services to meet your packaging and shipping needs. Our packaging processes range from bagging to shrink wrapping, bar coding, RFID tags, private labeling, kitting and more. Although the industries we serve are large and include automotive, the products we package can be small, such as fasteners and hardware. Our service commitment allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers ever-changing export packaging and re-packaging needs. We can provide efficient, effective, just-in-time services that support our customers’ objectives.