The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unwelcome event that affected —and is still affecting— businesses around the globe. Aldez, too, has been impacted by the pandemic.

The safety and well-being of our employees and our customers is of paramount importance. As Aldez has facilities across the country, both embedded within the automotive plants of our customers as well as independent, we have gone to great lengths to adhere to the requirements of the CDC and OSHA, and those of our clients, thus creating an environment focused on safety.

Among the changes we’ve made to ensure safety are the following:

  • Each location conducts temperature checks daily before entry to any Aldez facility.
  • Aldez provides masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment and they are mandatory in all locations.
  • For entry to an Aldez location, everyone must complete a screening questionnaire.  For repeat visitors and employees, these are done regularly.
  • We implemented hand sanitizing stations at entry points to Aldez facilities.
  • We added barriers in many locations in the common areas to give people personal space.
  • We adapted schedules to ensure lunches, breaks and shift changes are done to reduce the movement of large numbers of people and adhere to our clients’ policies.
  • Physical distancing floor markings were added in our facilities.  Further, we rearranged break areas to help maintain proper distances and we removed chairs and marked seating areas to ensure proper capacity at break tables. 
  • Signs are posted with visual reminders of our physical distancing and hygiene policies.
  • As Aldez continues to grow, we have adjusted our training schedule for new hires to ensure smaller groups.
  • And, because employees are our greatest asset, we have policies and job protections in place to support any employees that may be affected. And our leadership has been enabled to understand and uphold all of our new policies.