MRO Crib Management


When it comes to your Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO), Crib Management is an important part of the profitability of your operations. Aldez has extensive experience in MRO Crib Management and can help to streamline your operations to reduce costs related to the purchasing and process flow of MRO products.


With a proven track record of inventory accuracy of 99.5% or greater, our extensive industry knowledge and experience optimizing inventory management will ensure an efficient balance between inventory levels and overstock in your operation, reducing your costs and avoiding critical stock-out situations.


To ensure the best performance for your operations our employees leverage continuous improvement methodologies, such as lean six sigma, to address root causes and improve operational efficiencies.  Our product flow-through processes deliver what you need, when you need it lineside, so your teams focus is not shifted away from the important assignment at hand.

Distribution Center Services


Aldez can manage all your distribution center needs, so you can focus on manufacturing quality products. Our expertise – processing product flow from your supply base to your customer. We can receive your container into our warehouse and process it based upon your requirements and the dynamics of each of your customers. In addition, we warehouse overstock products and distribute per your requirement to assure ontime, accurate delivery to your valued customers.



There are a myriad of reasons for you to store products or equipment offsite; from challenges with space requirements, needs related to product build-outs, variable or surplus inventory and emergency requirements for work stoppage.


Today, Aldez has large, conveniently located facilities in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, and Texas. We also offer near-sight satellite locations close to our customers’ manufacturing facilities as needed to support custom warehousing programs.


To further support your operations, we can augment our warehousing services with expendable packaging and routine preventative maintenance checks for products in storage such as oiling, rotating or return for modifications.

Production Build ahead Program Management


Aldez can store and manage your bank build or build ahead inventory. We will manage lot numbers, quantities, part numbers, and handle picking and delivery for easy return into production line sequence and orientation.