Why Efficiency is Important

At Aldez, we provide a variety of value-added services for our customers.  But, whether it is managing inventory, executing production line processes, or designing and developing packaging solutions, one thing is a constant: we always look for efficiencies.

Aldez employees consider themselves an important extension of our customers’ team and because our clients trust us with their processes, we have a visibility and perspective into what’s happening.  With that comes an important obligation: to find ways to improve and streamline those processes.

We’ve done this for clients countless times.  Our employee training programs and our efficiency-minded culture means that our employees find significant opportunities to improve workflows and save costs for our clients.

Consider this example. A client of Aldez, an automotive manufacturer, was having a serious problem with parts damage in transit.  In fact, 50% of one particular part was being damaged, either during the packing process or while in transit. This, of course, was a significant issue for the automotive manufacturer, as defective parts mean added costs, and that leads to reduced profitability.

Aldez employees sprung into action, first defining the problem and getting an understanding of how pervasive it was.  They considered all steps of the process and were able to identify the root cause. With this diagnosis in hand, the Aldez team was able to design a solution.  The solution came in two parts. The first was a redesign of the handling process from rack to bag. In addition to these unique handling requirements, Aldez also designed a die cut insert for the packaging that stabilized the weak point during transit.  

The implementation of these improvements had significantly reduced the impact of the damage with a reduction in the incidents of defective parts from 50% to less than 2%.

At Aldez, we take great pride in how we serve our customers.  We strive to go above and beyond to find our customers important efficiency gains that benefit their bottom line.