New Team Members Carrying on the Aldez Holiday Tradition

For years, our Aldez employees in each location have been choosing local charities to support during the holiday season. Our staff brings the same tireless work ethic and generosity we use to serve our clients to helping the families who need a boost over the holidays.

In 2020, Aldez added a new location, in Huntsville, Alabama and the work by their team to carry on the over 20-year tradition is very impressive. Of course, this years’ pandemic has changed the complexion of what can be done, but that has not dampened the Aldez spirit. While COVID-related restrictions may have reduced the ability to be hands on, the team in Huntsville is still excited to begin their support of the community and have been hard at work developing their plans.

The team got together to discuss organizations that are meaningful to them that Aldez might be able to support.  Once the list was completed, Shanya the Assistant General Manager began reaching out to the organizations. “Some of the folks I spoke with shared that they have lost long-term sponsors this year due to the financial impact of the pandemic,” recalled Shayna. “As sad as that is, it’s helped us to identify the most urgent needs.  And we are happy to be able to help.”

Among the planned activities is a significant food donation to a local halfway house. Each year, the halfway house hosts a complete Thanksgiving dinner every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for the residents and their families. Typically, around 30 families attend this event. In addition to helping them with the food donation, the team in Huntsville will also help with volunteering their time and transportation for errands.

There is a very large food bank in Huntsville that works tirelessly to solve hunger problems in Alabama. One of the Huntsville team members nominated this worthwhile organization.  The team plans to support them with food donations for Thanksgiving.

In addition to these activities, the Huntsville location also plans to support a local Christian coalition of smaller churches that hosts a soup kitchen for the homeless.  The team felt it was important to find an organization to support homeless as there is a pretty significant homeless population in Huntsville.  

“We’re happy to have found these ways to be involved in the community this year, said Shayna. “Typically, we would go in person and interact with these groups serving meals, cooking, or helping.  This team is not going to let the pandemic stop us from helping any way we can in 2020, so we’re happy with this plan.  But, it’s our goal to be there live and in person next year!”

From our family to yours, the team at Aldez wishes everyone a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!