Happy 22nd Birthday, Aldez!

In 1998, a new idea was born.  Twenty-two years later, I would never expect that I would be looking back on that moment from where we stand today.  That idea, albeit small at the time, was the spark that was needed to start a flame.  And that flame has since exploded into a fantastic organization that, today, is known globally as Aldez. 

Over the years Aldez has experienced amazing growth and prestige beyond my wildest imagination. We have gained recognition from globally renowned Harvard scholars. We have been honored each year since 2011 with the Supplier of the Year award, bestowed upon us by one of the most proficient and respected organizations in the world.  Over the decades we’ve been invited from afar to strategically align with Fortune 500 organizations and we have gained global recognition.

But our most important accomplishment is at our core. Over the years, we have amassed the finest team in the industry, an accomplishment that none of us take lightly.  It is this team that cares about each other like family.  It is this team that does whatever it takes to care for our customers, and it is this team that has led us to 22 successful years.  And since Aldez’s beginning, not a day has a passed that haven’t felt thankful and blessed to have such a hardworking and accomplished team.

Over the decades since our inception, the world of automotive has changed considerably. Technology advances in manufacturing, innovation of automotive components, and the advent of mobility have transformed the automotive industry. To our customers that are navigating these waters, we want you to know we are by your side as we head into the world of mobility.  And, we thank you for being an integral part of our journey over the decades.

To our team: never forget that you are the “Essential” of Aldez. Your hard work and dedication, your ownership and pride, your ideas and action – they all help to shape the future; for Aldez and for our customers.

Over 22 years I’ve watched this team accomplish more than I thought was possible and I know, with today’s Aldez team, that our potential is limitless. I’m energized and eager to see where you –beloved members of our team– lead us.

And with that, the most poignant thing I can say is “stay tuned… the best is yet to come!”

Happy birthday Aldez.