Employee Spotlight: Mike

Aldez has one mission – to exceed their customers’ expectations with exceptional service, total commitment and operational excellence. Aldez takes their mission very seriously and it steers every decision they make, starting with who they hire. Aldez is an ever-growing company and recently on-boarded Mike as the Senior Solutions Manager at their new Huntsville, Alabama location. Mike’s role is to work directly with customers and prospects; and with his background in finding solutions, he will be a valuable member to the team and customers. 

Mike has over 30 years of experience working in manufacturing and packaging and has spent the bulk of his career finding the best solutions for efficiency and cost savings in those industries. As it is for many, for Mike, changing jobs is not a decision that is taken lightly. There was a lot of thought and consideration. “It takes a lot for me to make a change,” said Mike. “For me to take on a new role, it meant it needed to be the perfect fit.”

When Mike first learned about Aldez, he was immediately intrigued, but also careful. He began having conversations around the industry to see if what he was hearing and reading matched other perspectives. After several meetings with the Aldez team, he realized this company had more going for it than he anticipated, and he was very impressed. Mike was particularly impressed by the strategic assembly of services offered by Aldez; since he could see quite easily with his experience that they fit together to better serve the needs of customers. 

And with Mike’s deep experience, he is a good judge.  His career began after graduating college.  His first job was in the sales department to assist with sales support and going on sales calls with large corporations. He gained respect from his peers quickly, even at a young age. Mike moved up quickly. He always took advantage of opportunities to learn from his co-workers, which helped him grow. From there, he moved into the manufacturing industry and gained knowledge and expertise in manufacturing. Most recently, Mike worked in packaging; giving him a unique skill set. “For someone who’s been around manufacturing and packaging like me, it’s second nature to see opportunities for floor plans, packaging or other efficiencies that ultimately reduce overhead and labor costs,” shares Mike. 

And it is this diverse background that made Aldez such a good fit for Mike ­­—and Mike for Aldez. “Aldez provides a variety of services and products.  They go beyond packaging and can help manufacturers from the source all the way to the line,” explained Mike. Having experience with both packaging and manufacturing, this was great for Mike. 

Mike has a knack for talking to customers. He wants to be at the customers’ location as much as he can and be out of office as frequently as possible. By doing this, he will be able to find opportunities with customers to increase efficiencies and reduce costs in their plants. “Being able to work both sides of this business allows me to leverage my expertise and look for those better efficiencies,” Mike says. 

As Mike has a penchant for always wanting to learn, Aldez charmed him with their resources. Mike can’t wait to strengthen his skills through his co-workers. Mike shares, “Everyone that I have spoken with, in my short time of working here, is someone I will be able to learn something from, and that’s really important.” 

Aldez already feels like a family to Mike and he has been impressed and pleased to be surrounded by hard-working and determined people. He loves that Aldez invests and supports the people they believe in and sees that this has led to Aldez maintaining a level of expertise that cannot be matched. 

Mike is excited to have joined the Aldez team. “After a short while, I can already tell that the experience I will gain from here will be invaluable,” Mike said. He is looking forward to learning from his co-workers, taking advantage of the resources offered, and having an everlasting impact on the company. “I love the style and work ethic of this company. I’m very pleased with my career change decision and excited to bring in new customers through the exceptional Aldez services I have already experienced.”