Employee spotlight: Jonathan

Jonathan, a team member in the Aldez location in Huntsville, Alabama has a long history of working in warehousing. Prior to Aldez he had worked with plastics material handling for years. Along the way, he gained some experience with machine operations such as forklifts and cranes. Jonathan was comfortable with his career prior to Aldez, with the exception of one thing: he wanted advancement opportunity. “With so much experience in material handling, I was looking for growth in my career. I figured once I mastered the material handling, I was ready for advancement.  Unfortunately, at my company there was no opportunity, and I couldn’t advance,” shared Jonathan.

Born and raised in Huntsville, Jonathan began to look for opportunities in the area that might be a fit, when he came across Aldez. “I saw that they were moving to the area and I did some research to learn that they were an up-and-coming company,” said Jonathan. “I was excited that a new business was coming to town, because with that comes new opportunities.”

Once Jonathan applied for a team member role, he met with members of the Aldez team. He learned in his interview that there was plenty of opportunity for growth. And, after speaking with several folks on the Aldez team and hearing more, his decision was made to join Aldez.

“I’m so glad I made the change. You have real opportunity here as well as the leeway to express yourself, explained Jonathan. “Our VP Mike always tells us ‘every opinion is valued here’. Nobody is ever overlooked and that speaks volumes to me.”

Jonathan feels dedicated to Aldez and that shows in his work.  “I want to be an asset to the company. Whatever is required of me, I want to give it 110%. For me it’s the caring attitude of my management team that make me want to work hard for them.”

At Aldez, hard work is rewarded and, recently, Jonathan was asked if he would like to take on a new role at Aldez: CDL Driver.  He jumped at the chance. Aldez is providing him with the training and tools he needs to prepare for his CDL exam. “The other drivers here have taken me under their wings, and we study together to get me ready,” Jonathan beamed.

The sentiment isn’t lost on him. In fact, one of the things he likes the most about Aldez is the family atmosphere. “Here the employees are friendly and like a family.  Every day there are people that check in on each other because they care and because of that, I love to come to work,” Jonathan elaborated. “It’s a great place with friendly faces and the atmosphere is so different than a lot of places I’ve worked before.” And as much as he expressed his fondness for Aldez, the feeling is mutual. All of Jonathan’s Aldez family is pulling for him to do well on his CDL exam!