Employee Spotlight: Javier

One of the popular reasons that prospective employees choose Aldez as their employer is the opportunity Aldez presents for career growth. The career trajectory of Javier serves a great example of the opportunities that are presented with employment at Aldez.

Javier began as a team member at Aldez about 3 years ago at the Texas plant. While he had experience in automotive manufacturing and had worked for another onsite supplier prior to Aldez, he was frustrated there and was seeking a new opportunity.  Had had 8 years of experience and felt like he could do so much more. He chose to make the change to Aldez because he felt Aldez was going to allow him to grow and help boost his career. 

Originally Javier discovered Aldez through a staffing agency that saw his resume and felt like he was a good fit for Aldez, even though that was not why he sent them his resume.  From his first meeting, he could tell that Aldez was different.  “I could immediately tell that the management team and I would work great together,” Javier says of his first meeting. “I was nervous for the interview, but I was made to feel so comfortable by everyone I spoke with.” The combination of the company’s growth and the culture at Aldez were the key things that excited Javier about Aldez.  He decided to join the team.

From the start, Javier felt welcomed and could tell that he was respected for his experience. He immediately felt appreciated. “At Aldez, a team member isn’t just a team member, they’re a person,” boasts Javier. “And they make you feel like you matter and your work matters.”

Javier worked his way up and was given a group lead role within the Texas plant overseeing various services. Having sewn his management chops and demonstrated stellar performance, he was offered a promotion to the Operations Manager role at the North Carolina location. “I was so excited to be recognized in this way and it felt great to have the trust from Aldez. I was aware of the great responsibility being put on my shoulders and felt confident in accepting the role because the management team expressed that I was chosen because they felt I would run the operation as it should be run,” said Javier.

Javier remained in his role as Operations Manager in North Carolina for a year until he received a phone call from the leadership team. They explained that there was a high-profile project happening and they wanted to ask him to take it on. It was another relocation. With a young family to consider, Javier talked about the opportunity with his wife.

In the end, Javier jumped at the opportunity and relocated to the Aldez Indiana plant as Operations Manager.  “Aldez has taken my family – me, my wife and 2 kids– from a big city to a small city.  With the moves, Aldez has exceeded my expectations, and they have done everything to make sure we had everything we needed to make our move as smooth as possible,” shares Javier. “My kids are 9 and 12 and they make friends everywhere they go. Aldez has given me a chance to give them experiences they may not have had otherwise.  They are getting to see the world and different cultures and I’m grateful for that opportunity.”

As for his new role, Javier has a lot to say. “I moved to Indiana not knowing what to expect. And I have enjoyed every moment.  We have a great relationship with the customers and the team is fantastic,” continued Javier. “In the operations role, I enjoy being the front-line point of contact to the customer and representing the core values that Aldez stands for.”

And, because Javier has worked in several locations, he has a perspective of Aldez that others may not have. “Every location I’ve been at has a family atmosphere. People spend a lot of time at work and, at Aldez, we build great relationships with our coworkers,” continued Javier. All the employee programs we provide, like progression plans, perfect attendance bonuses, employee of the month recognition, and birthday celebrations all help make people feel appreciated and recognize that working at Aldez is different than other employers. This is why so many references for new employees come from our staff.”

For Javier, there is clarity that his careers future is in good hands at Aldez. “My goals are to continue to learn and grow here at Aldez.  I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the recognition I’ve received and I’m thankful I have the opportunity to learn from others.”  

As for his advice to others, Javier is clear, “When you join Aldez, if you have a strong work ethic and are willing to grow and learn, the company will help you move up in your career.  There are no politics; it is about your performance and having a go-getter attitude. Here at Aldez your hard work does not go unnoticed.”