Employee Spotlight: Anna

Anna, the new Operations Manager at the Huntsville, Alabama location is an excellent example of what can happen when someone dedicates themselves to their work at Aldez.

Anna was a one-time stay-at-home mom who decided that she wanted to go back to work.  Before her children were born, Anna was a successful patient technician in the healthcare field. Once her kids had grown, Anna jumped back into the job market headfirst and started to search for opportunities that stood out to her. 

When she came upon a job posting for Aldez, who was opening a location in the area, she was intrigued.  She hadn’t worked in the automotive or manufacturing industry previously, but the role sounded interesting.  She decided to apply.

When she met with the hiring manager, she liked that he was very direct and made it clear that there was room for advancement at Aldez if you do your job well. Anna was really looking to work somewhere that she could create a career for herself. “I was reluctant because Aldez was a new company in Indiana, but I took a chance and I’m extremely glad I did,” Anna recalls. “This was completely different for me, I was out of my comfort zone, and I was put into an environment I was not familiar with. I went in with a positive attitude and eager to learn and I learned quickly. And with a steady work ethic my career honestly just took off from there.”

“Helping to open a startup location was challenging, but we had a great team that hung in there and, when we began to see it come together, it was truly rewarding,” continued Anna. “Once you’re serving the customer, you get to see how valuable your work is.”  Anna worked in an individual contributor role for about a year and half and was then promoted to Team Lead.  Her first time as a manager, Anna was thankful to her Operations Manager for taking her under his wing. “Javier taught me so much about how to be a manager,” shared Anna.  “I’m so thankful for his efforts.”  

After some time in her team lead role, Anna was promoted into an analyst job where she could work side by side with her mentor. “To be successful in that role, I had to learn an all-new technology system and how to troubleshoot it to ensure everything works smoothly,” explained Anna.  This was all new for me and I loved being an analyst.  I enjoyed learning more about how supply chain operates, and I got to work more closely with the clients.  This gave me a bigger picture of what Aldez does and its impact, which prepared me for my next role.”

When the management team at Aldez contacted Anna to ask if she would be interested in applying for the Operations Manager role in Alabama, Anna excitedly applied and interviewed for the job. When she was awarded the role, she began an all-new adventure. “In a way, it was terrifying because I’ve never moved away. But, at the same time, I felt compelled to do it because I am ready to take chances and continue my career with Aldez,” Anna explained.  

As for Anna’s future? “I want to do more and learn more and grow with Aldez. I am so happy I made this move. I could not have asked for a better team to help me start up this location, I like the business, and we are making huge progress every day. I continue to learn every day in my new role, and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.” Anna continued. “Being in charge of others is pushing me and growing me and I really owe it to those that have mentored me and been such great role models for me along the way.”

For those considering Aldez as an employer, Anna wants to share that the job is a gateway to a future.  “It can be an entire career if you want it to be. I never thought I would be where I am today, and I have Aldez to thank for that.  I took a chance on new company in Indiana, and they took a chance one me. It looks like we both made the right choice. I have worked hard, stayed focused and I climbed the ladder,” Anna said. “There are so many potential ways to move up in this company. For me, I know there are good things to come and the sky’s the limit!”