Employee Profile: Cecilee Wright

Cecilee Wright is the HR assistant at Aldez, working out of Aldez’s Princeton, Indiana location. She joined Aldez in July of this year to help support the rapid expansion happening nationally at Aldez.  Local to Indiana and at the start of her Human resource career, Cecilee’s perspective on Aldez is fresh and interesting.

 A resident of Owensville, Indiana, Cecilee worked as a general receptionist in a doctors’ office.  While she began to pursue her MBA in Human Resource Management from University of Southern Indiana. Knowing that human resources was her preferred field, she saw an advertisement for the Aldez role and eagerly applied.

When she interviewed with the hiring manager and a member of the leadership team, she really enjoyed it. Not only did she like the people she met, it felt like a fit for her career stage.  “I really liked that it was a growing organization,” shared Cecilee.  “I want to see the community I grew up in grow and succeed and having a new business like Aldez come in is a great opportunity for everyone.”

That initial feeling she got in the interview process has carried on throughout her employment as she met the leadership and other teammates. “Everyone is so down to earth and approachable, at all levels, and you can tell people care about each other here,” said Cecilee. “For example, my birthday was a few weeks ago and Mike Byrne and Diane Copek both reached out personally to wish me a happy birthday!  I thought it was so awesome that top executives on our company took time out of their day for me. My co-workers got me small gifts. Overall, I feel so appreciated.”

In addition to being a great culture, working at Aldez has helped Cecilee with her education and career development around human resources. “Starting small and being a part of helping to build the team has given me a lot of opportunity to use things I learned from the classroom setting in real practice,” she says.  “And, I get to work on a diverse set of things, from getting familiar with payroll to recruiting and planning company events and special employee perks.”

Cecilee graduates on December 2nd with her MBA in Human Resource Management.  She ultimately wants to stay in the field of human resources and continue to learn and grow her skills.  She aspires to someday be an HR Manager.  Everyone at Aldez is proud of her accomplishment and supports her quest to achieve her goals. And this is not lost on Cecilee, who shares, “It’s very apparent that everyone here wants you to feel like part of a family and they want you to grow and advance and do well.  That gives me a lot of pride in my job.”

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