Employee Profile: Andy Garrett

Andy Garrett is a Team Leader on the Aldez Internal Logistics team onsite at a customer automotive manufacturing facility in Indiana. A relatively new addition to Aldez, Andy brings a fresh and unique perspective on what it’s like to decide to join the Aldez team.  Whether you’re a customer of Aldez or a person considering joining the team, his story is one that should interest you.  

After graduating high school, Andy joined the Marine Corps.  He was a sophomore in high school when the 9/11 terrorist attack occurred and that is when he made up his mind that he would enlist. A cannoneer, he was deployed to Iraq.

A few years after Andy completed his service, he decided to move back to southern Indiana and had planned to begin an electrical apprenticeship. “Veterans are a rare breed. There are a lot of us out there, and I feel like there are certain traits and characteristics that are assets in the workforce.  Time management, the ability to overcome stress, and meticulous planning are all skills we get through military service. Unfortunately, when we end our time serving our country, we don’t always know what to do next,” shared Andy.

With the internship delayed, Andy decided to look for temporary work, which led to the introduction to Aldez.   Quickly, he decided this is a place he would like to stay.  “The electrical field simply couldn’t offer more than Aldez did. I like the people I work for and with and it was an easy decision to make it a permanent thing,” said Andy.

Andy is happy with his decision to join Aldez permanently.  A firm believer in attitude and culture, Andy feels that the culture at Aldez reminds him of the bond he felt for his fellow Marines.  “Everyone I’ve dealt with at all levels is positive and wonderful to work with.  I tell my wife that I feel lucky to have this job.  Everyone here has the same focus, to be the best that we can be – a premier contractor for our manufacturer.  People feed off of that and we take on each day with an attitude that we get even better every day,” Andy adds. Andy thinks that the Aldez culture is very positive and different than most companies. He appreciates that the management team always asks how he’s doing, showing that they care.  He appreciates that they ask about his wife and daughter.  “This isn’t just a place to work, it is becoming a family. The team I work with generally care about each other and I feel extremely comfortable here.”

And, he is proud to work for a company that creates opportunities for Veterans, “It’s great to see Aldez creating so many opportunities for Veterans. It gives people like me a sense of purpose. I was worried that whatever I did after service wouldn’t be meaningful,” Andy shares. “Aldez creates jobs that help people feel like an asset. I hope I live up to those expectations on a daily basis, I have a lot of pride in my work ethic and performance and it makes me feel good to work for a company like this.”

Aldez welcomes home our Veterans and we thank them for their service. Aldez encourages Veterans to apply and are committed to providing jobs to qualified candidates.