A spirit of gratitude feeds families on Thanksgiving

At Aldez, our team prides itself on attention to details. We’re expert organizers who work hard every day to serve our clients, no matter what they need. Underneath the efficiency is a team who always excels because they serve with generous hearts.  

Nothing demonstrates their commitment to serve more than our annual Thanksgiving meal drives.  Our staff brings the same tireless work ethic and generosity we use to serve clients to families who need a helping hand over the holidays.

We have much to be grateful for, and it’s our honor to carry on the 17-year tradition of feeding families by donating, delivering and helping to organize family meals. This year we supplied 90 turkeys and 5 complete meals. Way to go Team Aldez!

If you’re inspired to lend a helping hand, our local food bank puts all donations to good use. You can donate here: http://mannafoodproject.org/donate.htm