Employee Profile: Tyler

Our latest Employee Profile is on Aldez employee, Tyler, who is an Operations Manager over a production process at Aldez’s Indiana location.  As an employee, he embodies the spirit and character of the Aldez team.

A seasoned automotive manufacturing professional, Tyler came to Aldez with over 7 years of experience in automotive as group leader over a parts conveyance team inside automotive plants. Prior to his career in automotive, Tyler was with the Army National Guard, having joined out of high school.  He spent four years in the infantry and trained in Ft. Benning, Georgia prior to moving back to Indiana.

Focused on building his experience and ambitious about his career, Tyler decided to apply for a role at Aldez after a trusted colleague joined the Aldez team and spoke highly about the opportunities there. He was so excited about the company, that when he learned that there wasn’t a group leader spot available at the time, he didn’t let that deter him. Tyler accepted a team leader role with Aldez on faith that this was a good proving ground for him that would pay off.

And pay off it did!  Very shortly after starting, Tyler was offered a promotion to a group leader position in charge of day to day operations, a change he saw as another opportunity to show his value.

A newer Aldez location, the Indiana plant is experiencing rapid growth. “Aldez has had tremendous growth in my tenure here in Indiana,” said Tyler. “I find that motivating, and it makes want to grow alongside them.”

Tyler credits the leadership and the other team members at Aldez for fueling his dedication. “This is the only company I’ve worked for where I have met management all the way up to the CEO,” said Tyler. “The senior leadership at Aldez takes the time to walk thru our production and they ask about our lives and families. I have never worked at another company like this, and this makes me more devoted to Aldez every day.”

Tyler’s devotion has been consistently evident in his performance and, as a result, he has received a promotion to Operations Manager. “This promotion is very exciting to me and I can see my career moving forward. In addition to managing the team, I now also report out to the customer and have ongoing discussions with them,” Tyler explains. “I place new team members and leaders, report out with Aldez upper management, and this is building my skill set.”

Tyler feels like the sky is the limit to his career at Aldez.  He aspires to keep learning and growing and feels confident because the human resources and management team ensure he has what he needs to be successful. Whether it’s the HR team checking in to ensure he has the proper training he needs or the management team that takes the time to help him learn, Tyler feels he has an advantage being part of the Aldez team.  He explains, “At Aldez, they see my investments and acknowledge me and that is very rewarding.  I’ve set a goal to reach General Manager level. I would love to go start up other Aldez locations someday, and with the support I get at Aldez, I’m confident I can do it!”