Employee Interactions that Make My Day

May 2019

by Diane Copek

We founded Aldez over 20 years ago, with one mission – to exceed our customers’ expectations with exceptional service, total commitment and operational excellence. This mission steers every decision we make – from who we hire to how we deliver.

These have come to live in seven core principles that our employees know and take to heart. As a leader, I always look for signs that we are upholding these principles in our work every day.    

S Service of others is what drives us every day. Always do right by the customer, even if it takes more effort by our team.

Excellence in all operational tasks. It’s not enough to do a good job, we have to constantly be on the lookout for ways to be even better.

R Respect each other. No matter how much pressure we face, or how aggressive a deadline, we show respect for our work and each other always.
V Velocity never compromises quality. We find ways to be both fast and accurate in every task.
I Integrity is never compromised. Ever. We’re honest and transparent with every project.

Commitment means doing more than is expected. We not only keep our promises, we aim to overachieve.

E Enthusiasm is contagious. We truly love our work and it shows.

In the past few weeks, I’ve received emails from recent hires that give me confidence that our seven core values are alive and well.

The first came from a new implementation manager that had been out visiting locations to learn his role. He wanted us to know that he had done extensive research prior to deciding to come onboard with our team. The reasons he cited for joining were our “company philosophy and the emphasis on the Armed services and our veterans.”  He mentioned that he put a lot of weight in the Aldez “impeccable reputation and impressive background of work history.” While this was flattering and made me feel good about how the company is seen externally, what struck me most was his enthusiasm.  He simply couldn’t wait to dig in and make his customers’ business “his business.” This kind of enthusiasm is what we seek in our employees and is a part of what makes us Aldez.

The second email came from one of our new account managers who was sent to our Kentucky facility for a week to view our processes. Upon his return, he sent me a brief email outlining his impressions and offering praise for one employee in particular.

He’d worked in the auto industry for several years, and was shared that he was impressed by the  “very dynamic, hard-working, and overall pleasant team of members willing to offer up their experience and time to help one another.”

But he called out one particular person, Joe-Pat, who he stated has an admirable work ethic and outstanding problem-solving ability.”  He shared that he observed him develop quick and efficient ideas, built by him to help all the employees be more successful. And, although he’s a manager at that location, “he will spend time on the floor, personally helping, when he sees the workload needs more hands for completion.”  To him, it was “clear that Joe-Pat is a hard worker, that cares deeply about his team and Aldez as a whole.”

When I hear second hand about the commitment, service, excellence and integrity that is demonstrated across our company, I feel incredibly proud.  Aldez is a great company due to its great people. And, so when I hear “people like him are what makes Aldez a company I am proud to work for,” there is only one thing I can say –  you and me both!